My Writing System
for simpler English writing

This is the basic format of my English alphabet. I started this when I was in university, both as a way to obscure what I was writing and to make my writing take up less space.

Most of the letters involve less pencil movement than the originals and take up less space. The vowels also go on top of the consonants, as in Arabic (I think) and Elvish.

There are often multiple ways to write a single word, as many consonants and vowels can be combined, and there are special symbols for some digraphs (such as th and arguably ng). It has changed many times over the years, and there are other versions of words and letters that I have not included here (yet), but this is enough to figure most of it out.

If you are curious, you can send me an email message. The address is $myname at $domainofwebsite.